Current medical device technology has not kept pace with the increasing sophistication of the latest interventional methods and the need for safer and more durable treatment benefit.  State of the art medical interventions require devices that are ease of use, allow repeatability and decreased invasiveness. With this in mind, our goals aim to promote decreased complication rates, procedural cost and hospital stay, and hopefully out-patient treatment compatibility. 

Thirty years of intravascular device development have yielded ingenious iterations of the original balloon expandable stent. However, its basic technology remains fundamentally unchanged. The inherent limitations become evident when current devices are pushed into extreme applications such as advanced disease, small and critical vessels.

At Vactronix we have developed powerful technologies and knowledge to advance bio-mechanical performance to new levels, and by controlling design and tolerances to the sub-micron scale. These objectives are possible by replacing current conventional wrought alloys by high energy PVD synthetic materials. By controlling point-to-point heterogeneity in the material is it possible to engineer sub-microscopic surface features that lead to superior devices with high performance properties.  In our laboratories,  sophisticated new alloys and materials’ structural engineering have pushed performance to unexpected new levels and have enabled the creation of design geometries not possible using traditional means.

By exploring and reaching new frontiers we now envision that today’s discoveries may soon foster fundamental changes in industry standards.